Three Minute Video Overview by Mike Kallet, CEO Headscratchers

Course Overview

In this one-day (two half days) Virtual Instructor Led Training, participants will experience live instruction and engaging activities.  The workshop provides participants with a thorough foundation for Critical Thinking in a variety of situations.  The participants will practice these tools using their real individual business issues.  Templates, called Thinksheets, are used as a guide for thinking, both in the class, and to aid future out of class use.   The course contains over 15 PDF forms with activities and reference material that we've perfected after teaching this course for 15 years.

Mike Kallet, founder and CEO of Headscratchers, author of Think Smarter, instructor and coach of critical thinking workshops since 2004, will be the instructor for this session. 

Learning Objectives:

 Distinguish “Automatic” Thinking from “Manual”
Understand a Framework for Thinking Critically and apply the 3 step Critical Thinking Process
Learn and practice a variety of tools to think critically including the use of Thinksheets to:
   - Get Clear on a Problem, Situation or Goal
   - Guide your thinking for Conclusions
   - Guide your thinking for Decisions
  Leave the day knowing how to ask questions to get yourself and others to think critically
 Identify where you can apply Critical Thinking in your job and create a next steps plan

Topics Covered:
  Benefits of Critical Thinking
  Empty your bucket
       - “Get Clear” on a problem to solve or decision to make, and the Clarity Thinksheet
       -  Inspecting the problem statement
       -  The tools of Socratic Questioning; Why, So What, Need
       - Create Solutions and the Conclusion Thinksheet
       -  Applying Inductive & Deductive thinking.
       -  How facts, observations, experiences, beliefs and assumptions affect your thinking
       -  Why people come to different conclusions and what to do about it.
       -  Using Critical Thinking to Influence and Persuade
       - Taking action and the Decision Thinksheet
       -  The Elements of Decision; Who, When and Criteria
   Next Steps 
       - Your plan to implement your learning (for yourself and your team)

Workshop Information:

Location : Anywhere, it's Virtual.  We'll be using Zoom for the platform. 

Timing: We'll promptly begin at the start time (see registration information below for times).  We'll have ten minute breaks approximately 60-90 minutes.

Technology Requirements: 

(1) PC, Mac, or Tablet capable of running Zoom.  You don't have to install Zoom, or extensions, on your computer. You can "Join by Browser" 

(2) Your will need audio, both speaker and microphone

(3) Adobe Acrobat Reader.  We use PDF forms in the workshop.  If you don't already have the free adobe acrobat reader, you can download it from adobe at

(4) An internet connection.  If you'll be accessing the workshop from within your company behind your firewall, you'll need to be able to access non company websites (Headscratchers and Zoom websites), as well as download PDF files.   

See the below schedule for workshop date.

For additional information or questions, contact Mike Kallet at Headscratchers.   [email protected]   720-493-8567

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